• High School Graduates
  • Scientific Research Awards (Grants)
  • Continuing Education



Scholarship Awards to "Graduating High School Seniors"

The current goal of the Foundation is to provide early financial support for young men and women interested in post secondary education for aeronautics or scientific careers.

Application for scholarship awards is limited to students residing in a Lenawee County (Michigan) School District and graduating from a Lenawee County (Michigan) High School, planning college studies in aeronautics, the sciences and allied fields and having grades permitting college entrance.

Required fields of study are aviation, aerospace science, engineering, biology, chemistry, natural sciences, medicine, and nursing.

For additional information see (Current Policy)



Financial Grants for "Scientific Research Awards"

Institutions of learning and research may apply where projects are presented such as will generally help fulfill the goals of the Foundation. (Examples include special courses for teaching methods and skills in the sciences, special lectureships, conferences to explore science frontiers, setting up special laboratories.)

At this time no grants are being made to institutions for Scientific Research Awards.

For additional information see (Current Policy)



Continuing Education Awards

College undergraduates or graduate students may be considered for eligibility for scholarship awards for the purpose of continuing their education and completing their goals under some circumstances as deemed appropriate by the Board.

At this time no grants are being made for Continuing Education Scholarship Awards.

For additional information see (Current Policy)